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CregaLink is a super fast, paperless way to obtain credit cover, update your policy status and/or access buyer details on local and foreign debtors.

Credit Guarantee keeps abreast with the modern day tech savvy world and your security is our number one priority. With technology booming and making our lives easier and convenient, it also comes with a greater risk if you don’t protect your information. Credit Guarantee risk management makes use of L@wtrust certificates to ensure that your confidentiality is not compromised by any means, whether it is by phishing or any other internet scam.

  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork

  • Increase your flow of policy relateed information

  • Reduce time spent on policy administration

  • Cost savings


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Benefits of using CregaLink

With a click of the mouse, you are logged onto our policy administration system. The real beauty of the system is speed.

You can obtain credit coverage almost instantly on known debtors; update your current policy status or even access buyer retails on local and foreign company debtors.

Strict confidentiality is an intrinsic part of Credit Guarantee’s operation. We make use of L@wtrust digital certificates to ensure that access via CregaLink is restricted to authorized personnel only. Our screening process forms part of our Charter with Entrust. Kindly note that in terms of L@wtrust requirements, the digital certificate issued to you will be renewed annually. If your certificate has expired please contact the CregaLink helpdesk:

For added security please do not give out your username and password as this gives access to CregaLink from any PC at any time.

Crega Link is available weekdays from 7 am until 6 pm at no cost to you however CregaLink is not available on weekends and public holidays. There are charges levied on 1 or 2-day responses, kindIy contact your underwriter for assistance.

For New Users:

Credit Guarantee‘s CregaLink gives you immediate online access to your policy. This unique system has Deen specifically designed to:

  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork

  • Increase your flow of policy related information

  • Reduce time spent on policy administration

  • And save costs

CregaLink FAQ’s

What facilities are available to reduce my policy administration?

  • Check on buyers.
  • Apply for new credit limits online.
  • Get access to current and historical credit limit applications.
  • Submit declarations.
  • Obtain instant information on policy status (Policy Schedule).
  • Automatic underwriting.
  • Lodge a claim.
  • Accept and propose a settlement of claims.
  • Obtain the status of new, pending, and settled claims.

What are the minimum requirements to access CregaLink?

Please note that CregaLink is optimised for

  • Internet Explorer 8 and above,
  • Mozilla Firefox 12 and above,
  • Safari 5.1,
  • and is best viewed at a minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels.

Please note:

Various alternative options exist to upgrade and/or install the latest versions of internet browsers from several internet service providers (ISPs).
Supported platforms are: Windows XP and higher, Tablets: IPAD iOS 6 and higher
Certificates can be installed on iPads, (any of the three versions) provided that you have iOS 6 and higher however certificates cannot be installed on other tablets at this stage.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Ensure that you meet the minimum requirements.
Step 2: Email Credit Guarantee all the information stated below.

What information do I need to email to Credit Guarantee?

Email Credit Guarantee the following details of the user to

  • First name and surname
  • Telephone number
  • Email address (as more than one person may want to be linked to the policy)
  • Policy number/s
  • Version of browser
  • Version of Windows platform/OS

Upon receipt of this information, Credit Guarantee will contact you and assist you with steps 3 and 4.

Step 3: Apply for a L@wtrust DigitaI Certificate
Step 4: Access the CregaLink application

For Existing Users:

How do you load new banking details/postal addresses and new buyer?

This is extensively covered in the helpful tools within the Credit limit Application process

How to get an annexure?

Please contact your underwriter. You will find the underwriter’s details under “Policy Details”

Can I receive my responses via email?

Not at this stage

Note: If you make a mistake on an application or a declaration that you have already submitted and would like to rectify it, please contact your underwriter. You will find the underwriter’s details under Policy Details

CregaLink FAQ’s

With a click of the mouse, you are logged onto our policy administration system. The real beauty of the system is speed!

Download CregaLink FAQ’s

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