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Welcome to Credit Guarantee’s gateway into Credit Insurance and Performance Guarantees/Bonds for Africa

It has long been a passion of Credit Guarantee to establish a footprint in Africa. This is accomplished with the help of established Partners, north of South Africa.

We already underwrite several billion Rand exposure through exports from South Africa into the rest of Africa. It therefore made sense to take advantage of the wealth of intelligence gathered over the years and to establish our products, initially in the SADC region and later, the rest of Africa. Our existing African Partners are highly regarded and respected in their countries and they subscribe to an ethos of excellence in client service.

Our African Partners include:

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Other products & services.

Domestic Trade Credit Insurance

Safeguard your Business from Financial Losses: Defend your business against potential revenue shortfalls caused by factors like insolvency or payment defaults, whether they occur domestically or within the common monetary area.

International Trade Credit Insurance

Secure Your International Transactions: Navigate the complexities and risks associated with foreign buyers, mitigating the potential for profit loss or non-payment that could jeopardize your company’s operations.

Bonds & Surety

Bonds & surety are in place to protect you as the employer against non-performance on the part of the contractor. The risk of non-performance is regarded in terms of quality of work, completion of work, and the time in which completion occurs.