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Credit Guarantee is a Level 2 BBBEE Rating company and also qualifies as a Value Adding Supplier, in accordance with the DTI’s Notice 396 of 2015 (Notice of Clarification)

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ISO Certification

Being the first South African short-term insurer to acquire the globally recognised and prestigious ISO 9001:2008 service quality rating, Credit Guarantee is the paragon of short-term insurers.

We continue to strive for the best, which is proven by the ISO 9001:2008 standard revisions as we still and will continue to maintain the ISO standards of compliance. 

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Global Credit Rating

Credit Guarantee’s AA+ credit rating by Global Credit Ratings Company signifies a high claim paying ability and also takes into consideration our exposure to adverse economic conditions.

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International Partners

Credit Guarantee has world renowned partners, who have made a huge impact in the Trade Credit Insurance industry. The association with Atradius allows foreign companies with subsidiary interests in South Africa to insure their book in the local market through Credit Guarantee, rather than having to seek credit insurance internationally. So too, South African companies with offshore interests can ensure their international sales directly through this association, in the country they are operating in.

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