Creating a Supportive Economic Enviroment

Creating a Supportive Economic Enviroment

Credit Guarantee | August 1, 2018

Collaboration is key when it comes to the current economic environment. Businesses who are surviving today’s turbulent, global economic state of affairs, have discovered that it is important for them to partner with various trade industries whose core interests are in alignment with their business advancement goals.

The Advantages Of Supportive Economic Environment

Supportive Economic Environment has pushed leading-edge businesses to improve their existing products, processes, services, and business or organisational models. And by doing so, they have been able to keep up with the times and venture into new business opportunities that might not have necessarily been part of their original business construct.

Many commercial businesses have also found that aside from partnering with businesses that will keep them ahead of the curve, fostering high levels of innovation in their enterprises, industries, and societies is extremely important for their long-term economic growth and sustainable improvement [1].
The recent signing of 27 new independent power producer contracts in South Africa has strengthened the prospect of supportive growth in our economy. This means that we are finally moving in the right direction and at a pace that can only build more confidence in sustaining our economic stability.

You Still Need To Ensure That You Are Insured

All businesses still need to remain vigilant and secure within their own business fields. There are some drawbacks to the positive change that is happening within our economic environment, that are bound to happen.
This is why you need a Trade Credit Insurance partner you can rely on. One with a reputation for ‘staying the course’ and standing by your side. For over 60 years, Credit Guarantee has worked hard to build a reputation of reliability and consistency as the most trusted provider of Trade Credit Insurance in South Africa.

Although the supportive economic environment is moving trade industries in the right direction, trust us to be there for you when the unexpected happens.

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