South African Economist Award

Luke Doig, Credit Guarantee’s senior economist, has snatched third place at the 2016’s Thomson Reuters South African Economist Of The Year award.

The award recognises the forecasts of economists on a monthly basis, using Reuters’ Econometer – a survey tracking such key indicators as gross domestic product growth, consumer and producer inflation, the current account and the repurchase rate.

Frequency of participation is also a consideration, and this year saw 35 of the country’s top economists – from banks, think tanks, funds and other corporate interests – pitting their ability to forecast the coming economic climate against one another.

With the calibre of competition vying for the prestigious Reuters award, making it into the top three is no mean feat but it isn’t Luke’s first time making the list.

To make sure we remain at the forefront of economic and financial happenings, both locally and abroad, Credit Guarantee has made a point of participating in the now 35 year-old competition, and Luke is already a two-time winner of the top spot among South African economists, having grabbed first place in 2011 and 2015.

We are all proud of Luke Doig’s contribution to the competition, and Thomson Reuters’ recognition of his immense talent in, and dedication to his field. We are also proud and fortunate to continue to benefit from the skills of one of the country’s best economic minds.

Congratulations to HSBC’s David Faulkner for achieving first place this year but above all, congratulations to Luke Doig for once again doing us proud!


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