Credit Guarantee Turns 60

Our 60th Anniversary is just a momentary celebration, but our greatest achievements, which can be seen through our clients’ successes, is timeless.

The Forefront Of Trade Credit Insurance

Even through a turbulent economy that has seen fluctuations year in and year out, we are proudly celebrating 60 years of enabling our clients to grow their business without risk. Since our establishment in 1956 we have become the most trusted provider of trade credit insurance and surety solutions in Africa. By creating a truly caring environment for our people, clients and brokers through collaboration and communication, we celebrate everyone who has helped make it possible. We applaud our long lasting traditions of being at the forefront of trade credit insurance.

We Strive For Excellence

This milestone takes a dedicated team who work tirelessly around the clock and through our adaptive behaviour we have strived towards being the most innovative, excelling in the domestic and export credit insurance sectors. We have continuously helped numerous clients preserve their cash flows, protecting their profitability, and enabling trade throughout South Africa as well as around the globe.

However, what makes us the biggest in Africa is embedded in our ability to secure relevant and vital information incorporated with market intelligence, as a tool for a synergistic communiqué to support the business of our clients in both local and international markets. This allows us to swim against any financial tide and come out successful, without giving our clients any excuse not to honour their payments.

As the broker’s number one recommendation, a financial services provider built up by over 310 skilled staff, we understand the industry needs and always aim for excellence through continuous improvement. We live up to our promises of always delivering superior returns to our shareholders and clients, making both them and our employees proud to be a part of Credit Guarantee.

Experience And Knowledge Set Us Apart

For over 60 years we have accumulated 255 years of trade credit experience in executive management with an unparalleled depth of knowledge. We have covered over 2 500 enterprises allowing business across Africa to focus on what’s important in order to develop and grow while we protect their bottom lines. With over 187 billion Rand in annual insured trade and 3.3 billion claims paid out in the last ten years, our underwriting company has saved over 300 000 jobs and given back close to 19 million in bursaries and CSI initiatives.

Our Legacy

We are celebrating more than just these numbers, we are celebrating our legacy!
So we raise a glass to our clients, our shareholders, our partners and our very own CGIC team.
Here’s to the next 60 years!
Here’s to the next 60 years of sound credit insurance!
Here’s to the next 60 years of growth in Africa!

There is no need to take unnecessary risks with your business and your life. Contact us today, because we understand how one bad debt can change everything. We are the specialist domestic and export trade credit insurer to know. We are Credit Guarantee!


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