Understanding Our Services for Better Insurance Solutions

Understanding Our Services for Better Insurance Solutions

Credit Guarantee | August 12, 2016

Dealing with debtors both domestically and/or international can be risky, leading to profit loss due to non-payment, proven to be detrimental to your business. We offer our clients Domestic and Export Trade Credit Insurance, bonds as well as surety solutions. We have also established a specialised business salvage and recovery unit dedicated to dealing with, at times, the intricate restructuring needed to ensure both our clients’ interest and that of Credit Guarantee are met.

With over 60 years of excellent service to South African businesses as well as our expanding footprint into various African countries under our belt, we deliver truly efficient Export and Domestic credit insurance to your satisfaction. As our client, whether you run a small, medium or large business we have the right credit risk solution for you.

With our vast store of company information and market intelligence, we provide your business with:

  • The ability to grow your sales, either through existing customers, potentially attracting new customers or even into new markets and sectors that you may have otherwise considered too risky.
  • Protection against non-payment from one or more of your customers to whom you have sold goods,
  • Export cover against a number of unforeseen events, which could result in your foreign customer not paying or being rendered unable to pay you for goods sold and delivered,
  • The opportunity to raise additional working capital through ceding your policy to an appropriate financial institution as security.
  • And, if your business requires Guarantees or Surety Bonds to be issued, we are well equipped and resourced to provide them with a rapid turnaround.

Our Trade Credit insurance solutions are powerful business tools that your company will benefit from in the following ways:

  • Banks are likely to offer you more extensive credit facilities on more favourable terms if your debtors are credit insured.
  • Credit insurance gives you the absolute confidence to explore higher risk business opportunities you would normally avoid for fear of non-payment.
  • It protects your cash flow by replacing cash promptly, should any customer’s suffer insolvency, non-payment or bankruptcy.

We are committed to continually bettering ourselves through innovation and learning, to make it convenient for you to interact with us wherever they might be. As leaders in Trade Credit Insurance throughout Africa, we have developed CregaLink. This is a superfast, paperless way to obtain credit cover, update your policy status and/or access buyer details on local and foreign debtors.

Should you be a loyal client and have a favorable claims experience, we will reward you with a continuity bonus, for being such an excellent client. All our services are professional, trustworthy, and reliable. We listen carefully to your needs while acting openly and honestly. We do things the ethical way because that is the only way and we always keep our promises.

For an overview of the rest of our products, visit us today http://www.creditguarantee.co.za/ and apply for a Trade Credit Insurance from the comfort of your home.

Credit Guarantee – Enabling Growth Without Risk

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